Pocket Electronic Symphony

Andreja Andric

for a smartphone performer (2017)

Pocket Electronic Symphony is a smartphone symphony for a solo performer. The symphony is written as a sound generating software which acts both as the score and the musical instrument. Using this software on their mobile phone, the performer, by changing the parameters of numerous sound generation processes, navigates the successions of massive chords of synthesized sound and builds towering climaxes and suspenseful calm sections. The work tries to create a new kind of symphonic sound for the mobile age and to find new space for passionate, dramatic and grand musical expression.

The work was published online and in print by dobbeltdagger.

Try it: Score/instrument for mobile browser.


  1. Live electronics concert in Cornaro Institute, Limassol, Cyprus, September 11th 2022
  2. Concert "New Stroke", World Music Days 2019, Tallinn, Estonia, May 5th 2019. Performed by Doris Halmägi.
  3. Smartphone recital at Electromuseum, Moscow, October 7th 2018.
  4. Smartphone recital at Spektrum Berlin, May 13th 2018.
  5. Smartphone recital at DIEM Elektro, Musikhuset Aarhus, Denmark, February 22nd 2018.
  6. Starling Murmurations #3, Loophole, Berlin, October 24th 2017.
  7. Atelier Äuglein, Berlin, October 22nd 2017.